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Countless word puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you! Can you guess the words and unlock the levels? Jalebi – A Desi Word Game, a new puzzle game with different Indian regional languages that lets you to play and learn new words.


Why Jalebi?

“There are many games available in the market based on the puzzle concept, so why to try Jalebi? What makes me unique and engaging to play your puzzle game?” – A basic question from the User.

We say “Jalebi is the unique game with dynamic localized UI in different regional languages. The content is Localized Region based content with 5000 words for each language”.

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Features of the Jalebi

  1. Low File Size:

Low in size

Generally while downloading the app or game from the store every user will think about the size of the file, if the size of the file is low then users feels comfort to grab it. So, our aim is to have the entire game in less than 9 MB and our developers are optimizing to reduce even more. Surely we deliver Jalebi with low size.

  1. Localized Content:


Generally in Trivia/ Word Puzzle games content will be related to local regional topics but the front will be in English, coming to Jalebi we develop our game with localized region content with 5000+ words in each language.

  1. Different Regional Languages:

#Jalebithegame is loaded with different regional languages- English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and lot more coming soon…


Jalebi is the unique game experimenting with dynamic localized UI, targeted towards the Indian market that who have special interests in Trivia and games in Newspaper. Support our Jalebi Word Puzzle Game and be a part in the success of Jalebi.

  1. Dynamic Localized UI:

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Dynamic localized UI is the effective feature of the Jalebi. It is the unique concept among all the trivia/ Word Puzzle games. Dynamic localization is nothing but changing the UI based on the language selected. It is a user friendly game where you can learn new words in your own language.


  1. Play and Exchange Gifts with Friends:

Solve the word puzzles and get Jalebies, use Jalebi for hints and to skip the levels. You can also share or ask Jalebi to your friends. Play this ultimate word puzzle “Jalebi – A Desi Word Game” and connect with your friends.


These are just some of the tech features of the game. The game in itself has got a lot of gems to discover.


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