Reached 100K downloads

Happy Adda – creator’s of India’s First Multilingual Word Game, happy to announce that we got 100,000 downloads for our word puzzle game. The game was publicly released on 5th August 2016.

Jalebi is our most dream project that allows people to play mobile game in their own language, when we are in early stage of development, we got lot of questions like Why? How? What? Big challenge for us is nomenclature of Jalebi and the last few days have been  great for entire Jalebi Team! This is a huge accomplishment for us to create more wonders in the plethora of mobile games. Thanks to everyone for the love and support towards Our initiative for making Game for India.


Things that made for hitting six figures downloads

Beta Testing:

Prior to the dispatch when we are in Beta stage, we got enormous reaction and numerous recommendations from large portions of the beta analyzers in INDIA. We began taking a shot at executing every one of the proposals given by our companions (Beta analyzers).

Reviews & Media Coverage:

We were upbeat to see positive reviews on a few online journals post our dispatch and after that hence media scope by the ABP News channel. It conveyed us several users, which helps us to cross hundred thousand because of all.

ABP News

Featured by Google Play store:

This was a clincher. We initiated discussions with Google early in the development and with a few rounds of input and surveys, they chose to highlight us on Play Store. Tip — Follow the best practices, keep the application bug free, utilize most recent libraries, show introductory footing and you may get this flawless blessing from Google.


Word of Mouth & Positive Feedback:

We tried to maintain to achieve a quality bar and we can mostly say that we were fruitful in doing so since our reviews say the same. With more than majority of reviews positive and words of praise, we have tried to learn a lot from negative reviews and quickly fixed issues at a rapid pace. Jalebi is a great lesson for us to know How do games for India react?

Jalebi Rating

Excellent Team:

I am to a great degree fortunate to have a little yet incredible group of youthful and skilled specialists in development, remarkable UI designer and keen item administrators. Can’t express gratitude toward them enough for all the exertion they have put into building Jalebi Game.


A huge thanks to Jalebi fans for their support! We promise to continue delivering a top-class games for INDIA. We’re in the process of developing even more exciting features for our existing and upcoming Games, and we’ll be releasing lot more games soon.

To join the fun, download Jalebi – A Desi Word Game and visit us

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