Jalebi and its Nomenclature!!!!

Jalebi – a desi word game #Jalebithegame

Here’s why we ended with jalebi. It’s sweet with yummy taste, good to eat and swirl like our South Indian Languages. There’s no telling why our team decided to name this word game on sweets, but you have to admit, the unique spin on Jalebi – A Desi Word Game nomenclature keeps you guessing, so here is why we named it Jalebi


1. Jalebi is the national sweet of INDIA
Jalebi is known as celebration sweet in India. In ancient India, people use to make & distribute Jalebies during weddings, child-birth, victory etc. In present India it is still known to be part of celebration. However the Jalebies are evolved from just a celebration sweet to an extremely popular Indian sweet, savored across India and Indian subcontinent, from streets to 5-Star Hotels as how #Jalebithegame entertains from kids to adults.

2. It tastes wonderful when served hot
This swirly golden sweet is a hot favorite on any special occasion with nice crispy outside & soft melt in the mouth interior. The brain of the user is baked dry by the fierce heat swirly levels and crispy words in #Jalebithegame.

3. Most of INDIAN languages look like Jalebi
In INDIA 22 languages are listed as “official” languages considering South and North INDIA, North INDIANS will think the entire South INDIAN languages looks like swirly golden Jalebi (ಕನ್ನಡ, తెలుగు, தமிழ், മലയാളം). #Jalebithegame is loaded with all these swirly golden Jalebi languages and some other North Indian languages. Lot more coming soon….

4. Swirl your eyes when you search for a word
#Jalebithegame depends on searching for the word to frame in right order, while hunting for the word your eyes will rotate like swirls on the golden Jalebi. Find the word from the grids and solve as many word puzzles as you can.

5. Title Jalebi inspired by Android nomenclature
What….? How….? It’s very difficult job to fix title, finally it’s time to think about the title for our word puzzle game. We thought title should be very simple and general word, but it should be very popular. After a great effort we came up with JALEBI, some of the Android titles like #KitKat and #lollipop inspired us to fix the title for our word puzzle game as “#Jalebi”.
Android – chocolate                                                                                                                                                  Jalebi – Sweet

Android 4.4 KitKatBlog_cover


Suggest games on sweets

Share your thoughts and suggest some of the new title for mobile games representing the name of sweets like Jalebi.


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