It took so long!!

Making a game is not that easy but sometime you’d always wonder why we took so long.
We took about 2 weeks to roll out a full blown prototype and basically the game mechanics were set then but still it took another 5 months to get the game down.
We got the multiple languages also working quite quickly, but it still so long

Here's the first part of our series of what went into our game

for now I’ll discus about the Art evolution

Initial art work plan with working title:

UI Designs:

Phase 1:
Within two weeks our game was looking like this

Phase 2:
We then evolved to with some effective colors:

Phase 3:
But we finally evolved to something even more different.
Now, we reached to finish line after crossing all the barriers.
Have a look on final art of Jalebi – A Desi Word Game

Icon Designs:
We took our own sweet time in making the icon as well

After a great effort we finalize our icon like this, looks pretty and simple.


We took very less time to design the title; why because, after completing the design of Icon we started working on title, it makes us very comfortable


Suggestions and Feedback:
Share your thoughts and give your valuable feedback, which helps us to deliver an effective product to our beloved users.

In the upcoming blogs, we’ll talk also about our design choices, technology development and some more on how we got things together.

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