How do games for India react?

One of the biggest themes of Happy Adda is making India play by creating games for them with localized regional based content. We are centered around conveying the best gaming background with low document measure and focused on towards Indian Audience over the world with related capable and connecting with game-play!

So First, we launched Jalebi – A Desi Word Game on 5th August 2016.
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A little bit about Jalebi:

Jalebi is the India word game to discover all the shrouded words in the crossword matrix and settle this word test recreations challenges. Play words with companions and test them to figure the word amusement. This Trivia is an extreme word diversions for grown-ups furthermore word recreations for children. We should do word chase as a Word learner and attempt to get Word disorder in the Crossword lattice as a Word Master.


Scope of Mobile Game Localization in India:

The vast majority of the Indian developers are not by any stretch of the creative energy tried a great deal with confining entertainments for the generous base of the Indian business segment. India is well known as a place where there is numerous dialects, there is an enormous extension for restricting diversions in India. As an Indian Game engineer, we began taking a shot at this restriction and thought of 7 distinctive Indian dialects (Hindi, Marathi, Bangla / Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam).

When we began serving our Jalebi, it was tasted by 70,000 users in the initial 3 days of release and we got parcel of recommendations like “include some more dialects”. In this way, now we are chipping away at including more sweetness with other lovely Indian Languages. This motivates us to concoct more limited versatile recreations.

There are numerous recreations accessible in the business sector taking into account the word seek idea, so why to attempt Jalebi? What makes me extraordinary and drawing in to play your riddle diversion?” – An essential inquiry from the Aam Janta and to take in more about the bases of Jalebi, you ought to look at:

Ranked #1 Word game in Google Play with in the first 3 days of release

Jalebi in Top charts

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis
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There’s a noteworthy virality to the Jalebi, in light of the fact that on the off chance that you’re playing and you haven’t the faintest idea to fathom the riddle, you just say it loud so everybody can hear through social share, and in case you say it so everybody can listen, someone hears you and says, ‘What are you playing?’ That’s the way by which we have a virality – that is not the general virality you see in other games.

Feedback & Suggestions:

Ads pop-up everytime Jalebi is definitely a good game. However the annoying ads pop-up everytime. Understood that it’s a free game, however if you wish to reach out to more people, suggest you guys to cut down the ads – Karthik Ayyagari

Good to see Indian developer made this game, basically I am addictive word puzzle games.i am expecting more Indian langues – RAVI KAKANI

Good but Bad It’s good but there is no flow in difficulty of the questions, after every two or three normal or easy questions there comes so hard question that you have to use money – Ashish toor

Boring Sometimes good and boring because if you don’t know the answer then all your points start deducting like anything. Dumb with high amount of ads – Manjunath shenoy

Awesome app Just loved it. Using in marathi. Make it more difficult – abhishek girme

ITs great But why there is N0 ODIYA LANGUAGE shame shame so partial WhY WHY this The only Reason given 1star. Update BRING ODIYA LANGUAGE – riya dash

Really good to play this can be used as a good time pass and please do improve alott of questions that to from our Indian traditions and culture that helps to know us our Indian values – Ram Mohan

What’s next?

  • Adding Gujarati Odisa in upcoming updates.
  • Adding multiplayer mode.
  • Adding daily challenges.
  • Adding more words in the existing languages.


Share your contemplation’s and give your input, which helps us to convey a viable item to our cherished users.

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