[Game #2: Coming Soon] Barfi – A Desi Four Letter Game from the makers of Jalebi by Happy Adda Studios will be coming to Android very soon.

Barfi – A multilinguistic Desi 4 letter word games for India in 11 different Indian languages (Bangla / Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odia / Oriya, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam) including English. This is a simple and easy game where you’ll play only with 4 letters in each level in your own desi language.

Release – Very soon

We write about the release before the month’s over. Jalebi is a huge accomplishment for us to create more wonders in the plethora of mobile games. As we mentioned previously (“Happy Adda is making India play by creating games for Indians with localized regional based content”), this Barfi is an another word puzzle game for Indians to play in 11 different desi languages.

Beta Program

If you are interested, Join in this Barfi beta testing program and get a chance to win RS 100/- (paytm cash) for finding each valid bug. You can drop us mail to ping@happyadda.com along with language you play and mobile device details, we will assist you additional information on how to install beta from Google Play Store.

Hurry up….! Limited invites, be the first to win the Paytm cash.

What’s there….? Why to Play…?

In Barfi, you have to choose a language you play and create a possible combination with the given four letters to frame a right word. You must be quick to solve! You gain extra time when you create a word. Easy game, but more it’s easy, more it’s attractive. Have fun with 4 letters in your own language…!!

Each level is awarded up to three Barfi’s, with the number of Barfi’s awarded being predicated on how many hints can use by the player when the level is difficult to complete. There is a “Mini Roll” game available to gain “extra” points. As the game progresses, the complexity of the levels will increase.

Players can find Barfi for free on Google Play very soon, until then stay tuned to Jalebi – A Desi Word Game Interested players can drop us mail to participate in Barfi Beta program which helps us to make our game better and more.

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